How long have you been doing photography?

I started my career as a part-time wedding photographer based in the US since 2007.  In 2011, I had my first experience with newborn photography in Hong Kong and the rest is history.

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Why should I hire you?

I’m a very easygoing and open-minded person.  People usually feel comfortable around me and I treat everyone as a unique individual.  Capturing the perfect photo requires more than just fundamental camera skills and I’ve learned that being patient is the big key when working with babies and young children.  Also, I limit my bookings every week to ensure the best service and quality for every session.  Don’t forget to check out my portfolio and blog so you can be sure that my style suits your family the most.  🙂

What is your experience with newborns/babies?

I’ve had the privilege of working with over a hundred newborns/babies and have dealt with a wide range of attitudes.  Safety is my first priority and I won’t force the newborns into any uncomfortable poses.  I also partner up with an experienced and certificated nanny who assists me on every newborn session.  She’s a grandma of a lovely 6 years old boy and knows all the tricks on how to comforting newborns.

When should I make a booking?

The earlier the better and preferably up to 3 months in advance to reserve your spot.  I accept
3 delivery dates per week and my weekends usually fill up weeks in advance.  I also do my best to fit in last minute booking requests, so please contact me to check availability!

How do I make a booking?

Simply contact me with the SESSION (maternity, newborn or family) and DATE that you have in mind and I will reply back within one business day regarding my availability and package details.  Afterwards, please select a package and a HKD 3,000 deposit is required to secure the booking.  Deposits are non-refundable.

When do newborn sessions taken place?

The ideal age for newborn Baby Art photography is at the two weeks mark or younger.  During this time frame, not only are newborns more flexible (we’re talking about downward dog moves!), they are also deep sleepers.  The sleepier the baby is, the less crying and fuss there will be.  The timeframe is a bit more flexible for Lifestyle photography since we will not be doing much posing to the newborn.  I normally cover both Baby Art and Lifestyle in my newborn sessions.  Please let me know in advance if you have preference on one style over the other.  All newborn sessions are taken in the comfort of your own home.

What is Baby Art photography?

Baby Art describes a posed photograph involving newborns done in an artistic and cute style.  Ideally the newborns should be in deep sleep.  I have a wide selection of props that I will bring for the session.

What is Lifestyle photography?

Lifestyle photography focuses on genuine life relationships and the timeless moments that families share together.  I will guide you through the steps to get the best lighting and composition without nagging too much by requesting you to smile at the camera and such.  This is usually the most natural and authentic way to document parenthood and the relationship between siblings.

How do I prepare for my session?

Please make sure your baby is fed 30 minutes before the session begins.  Newborns fall into a deep sleep much easier with a full tummy and can be posed into many cute and curled positions.  Often times the baby falls asleep while they’re still being fed so it’s best to swaddle your baby and keep their diaper on before feeding.  Unwrapping a swaddle causes less interruption on a sleeping baby than undressing an entire outfit.  Make sure to keep the room temperature between 25C and 28C as your baby will be undressed for most of the session.

What should we wear?

Parents should dress in simple and plain clothing.  Dressing in light to mid-tone colours provide the best contrast to the neutral little baby.  White, ivory, grey and chocolate are excellent colors to wear.  You should definitely avoid wearing logos and funky prints as they can take away from the overall aesthetic.

Do you charge extra for additional family members?

No way!  Moms, dads, siblings and also your four-legged members are just as important in a newborn session as much as the little one!  It’s always lovely to include family members in a newborn photo shoot.  For twins, please contact me for details.

How long does the session last?

Newborn sessions:  about 2.5 – 3 hours due to newborns having more frequent diaper changes and feeding schedules.
Family and Maternity sessions:  about 1 – 1.5 hours.  I know it’s tiring being a model, therefore, I do my best to be efficient and provide the best experience.

Should I postpone the newborn photo session if my baby has newborn jaundice?

Since mild newborn jaundice will not affect the photo quality and in most cases I can correct the yellowish skin color in post-production, it’s not necessary to postpone a newborn session in most cases.  Newborns sleep more deeply when they’re younger and have greater flexibility and ease of posture so it’s important to capture them at the right time.

When is the private viewing gallery ready?

It is usually available around 2 weeks after the session and remains open for viewing up to 1 month.  Perfect for sharing with friends and family online!

Are we able to print the digital files?

Yes, I want you to have the full freedom and creativity on your images.  All images are provided to you in high resolution JPEG format and different packages include different total number of images.  You can download directly from the gallery and print as many as you like!

My baby has already arrived – is it too late to book a session?

Please contact me ASAP for availability and I will try my best to fit you in.  🙂

Do you do sessions for 1 month, 100 days or children birthday parties?

I love celebrating these special moments with your family!  Send me the details including date, number of guests, location and time and I will get reply back within one business day.